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FMO, the Dutch Development Bank, is very pleased to host the

8th Online Asset & Liability Management Competition 2017

The Online Asset & Liability Management Competition is offered by DEG, FMO and Proparco. During the competition the ALM Simulator called GuardB@nk is used. GuardB@nk has been developed by SimArch and is used in the training of personnel active in ALM within banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Objectives of the competition

The main objectives with this online competition are: 

• To enhance the skills of personnel active in the Asset & Liability Management function in banks and financial institutions
• To offer alternative ways and opportunities to learn more about banking and the financial services industry
• To create opportunities for the exchange of experience, ideas and networking among banking personnel internationally
• To strengthen the overall practice of Risk Management in financial institutions.

participation alm competition

Competing with peers
In phase one, banks from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe/Central Asia region will compete against one another in one of four groups throughout an online competition. From the start there will only be one industry, one economy and one competition. The group winners in terms of the share price obtained at the end of the competition will be invited to participate in phase two of the competition, including a two-day event held in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Competing Teams
Each participating bank is required to engage a qualified team of 4 people. Team members should be nominated from any of the following functions or departments within the bank: ALCO, Asset & Liability Management (ALM), Treasury, Risk Management, Finance, Internal Audit and Compliance.

Commitment to Participate
The ALM competition should be seen as an excellent opportunity for participants to learn more within their own bank about the effective practicing of Asset & Liabilities Management (ALM), whilst the competition is ongoing. Participants are encouraged to consult expert practitioners within their bank and to ask for assistance when making decisions for their “Virtual Bank”. There is no limit to the amount of advice a team can use in order to make optimal decisions for their bank during a quarter. It is therefore important for nominated team members to be in a position to devote the required time to the competition. Team members should be able to devote time for the duration of the entire competition. In order to make a proper decision approximately three (3) hours per decision-making period are required. That means that teams should be able to meet at least twice, for around 1,5 hours at a time, as a minimum. In phase one there will be four decision-making periods between half July and end of September.

Participation fee
The participation fee per participating bank is 899 euro (€899).
This is a fixed price per bank, not per participant.


You are able to register for the competition by clicking here. This link will direct you to the FMO Academy

More information about registering on the FMO Academy website can be found here.